Công bố địa chỉ ví Công ty XIXO Ecosystem

Dear members of the XIXO Ecosystem,
Following a period of development of the XIXO Ecosystem with the goal of bringing all of the pillars of maximum application to life and bringing common benefits to the community. XIXO Ecosystem is built on the principle of advancing the community’s interests and remaining transparent throughout the process of development. XIXO would like to publicly disclose the wallet addresses that the company and development team control.
Furthermore, XIXO published a list of wallet addresses whose behavior is detrimental to the interests of the ecosystem, harmed the development of the XIXO Ecosystem. These wallet addresses will be monitored, restricted, and controlled by XIXO as well as the entire community.
XIXO hopes that by adhering to the principles of fairness and transparency in its operations, it will be able to achieve the desired development milestones with the community’s support and trust.
Best wishes!